Texas crop, weather for July 29, 2014

Fall armyworms on the march early due to unseasonable rains Writer: Robert Burns, 903-834-6191, rd-burns@tamu.edu COLLEGE STATION – Fall armyworms are more like “summer” armyworms this year due to unseasonable rains, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service entomologist. “It’s related to the rains we’ve had in July,” said Dr. Allen Knutson, AgriLife Extension […]

Texas A&M study: Bioenergy sorghum could help with greenhouse gas emissions

Writer: Kay Ledbetter, 806-677-5608, skledbetter@ag.tamu.edu Contact: Dr. Frank Hons, 979-845-3477, f-hons@tamu.edu Dr. Joseph Storlien, 979-845-8738, jstorlien@ag.tamu.edu COLLEGE STATION – Bioenergy sorghum may offer more than another energy supply; it may offer a “sink” for greenhouse gases, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Research study. Researchers in the Texas A&M University soil and crop sciences department […]

National conference on agricultural waste and environmental quality seeks input

Abstracts, posters welcomed from scientists and educators and farmers Writer: Robert Burns, 903-834-6191, rd-burns@tamu.edu SEATTLE – A national conference on the impact from animal and agricultural waste on air, water, soil and climate is calling for abstracts, posters and workshop ideas – and not just from scientists and educators, but from farmers and agribusinesses as […]

‘The Housing Bomb’ seeks to change priorities

New book examines altering the housing/environment mind-set   Writer: Steve Byrns, 325-653-4576, Contacts: Dr. Tarla Rai Peterson, tarlarai@gmail.com Dr. Nils Peterson, 919-229-9519, http://www4.ncsu.edu/~mnpeters/ Dr. Jianguo Liu, 517-432-5025, liuji@msu.edu   COLLEGE STATION – If the authors of a recently published book have their way, “keeping up with the Joneses” may have more to do with who […]

Economics of using mesquite for electricity dependent on outside factors

AgriLife Research study identifies feasibility Writer: Kay Ledbetter, 806-677-5608, skledbetter@ag.tamu.edu Contact: Dr. Seong Park, 940-552-9941, scpark@ag.tamu.edu Dr. Jim Ansley, 940-552-9941, jansley@ag.tamu.edu VERNON – Using mesquite biomass for electricity generation may become economically feasible if ecological and agricultural factors are considered, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Research paper being published in the BioEnergy Research journal. […]

Groundbreaking algae research continues at Pecos

AgriLife Research shares $8 million grant Writer: Steve Byrns, 325-653-4576, s-byrns@tamu.edu Contact: Shay Simpson, 979-845-6315, shay-simpson@tamu.edu PECOS – Pecos is usually egg-frying hot, bone dry and much of the groundwater is brackish, but Texas A&M AgriLife Research personnel know the area is prime real estate for conducting algae research, something they’ve been doing successfully since […]

AgriLife Extension hires Bell for High Plains agronomist position

Writer: Kay Ledbetter, 806-677-5608, skledbetter@ag.tamu.edu Contact: Jourdan Bell, 806-341-8925, bell0316@tamu.edu Dr. Travis Miller, 979-845-4808, td-miller@tamu.edu AMARILLO – The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service has hired Jourdan Bell to be the new agronomy specialist serving the High Plains region – and they didn’t have to look far to find her. Bell, who will replace longtime agronomist […]

Designer sugarcane, not switchgrass, being retooled to produce biofuels

Second-generation bioenergy plants could be released in two years WESLACO  –  Remember switchgrass? In his State of the Union address in 2006, President George W. Bush suggested scientists use switchgrass to produce an ecologically friendly fuel. Cellulosic ethanol, he called it, produced from natural materials. Bush’s comments made the late-night comedy talk show circuit, but […]

Cotton Chair Advisory Council at Texas A&M hears latest in research, engineering developments

Writer: Blair Fannin, 979-845-2259, b-fannin@tamu.edu Contact: Dr. Calvin Parnell, 979-845-3985, c-parnell@tamu.edu COLLEGE STATION – The Cotton Chair Advisory Council meeting at Texas A&M University recently yielded several research presentations and demonstrations showcasing the latest in cotton and related engineering work. The Cotton Chair Advisory Council advises Chair and Regents Professor Dr. Calvin Parnell as well […]

Auvermann honored with prestigious engineering society award

Writer: Kay Ledbetter, 806-677-5608, skledbetter@ag.tamu.edu Contact: Dr. Brent Auvermann, 806-677-5600, b-auvermann@tamu.edu AMARILLO – Dr. Brent Auvermann of Amarillo has been selected by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers as the G.B. Gunlogson Countryside Engineering Award winner for 2013, according to Darrin Drollinger, executive director for the organization. Initiated in 1975, the award was […]