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Contact: Jackie Rudd, (806) 677-5600,

AMARILLO — Putting research itself under the microscope is basically what a group of Texas scientists, specialists and industry leaders focused on small grains will be doing Aug. 21 in Amarillo.

“Workshops like this one help us ensure that our work in small grains research is what we should be doing,” said Jackie Rudd, Experiment Station wheat breeder at Amarillo, who serves as A&M’s statewide coordinator for small grains work.

Looking at current research conducted across the state and developing strategies for the future will mark the tone of the workshop hosted by the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station and Texas Cooperative Extension at the Texas A&M University System Agricultural Research and Extension Center.

Those working collaboratively in small grains may take advantage of this opportunity to share new data and review the priorities involving small grains production and marketing research and education programs, Rudd said.

The opening session will feature a program overview by Dr. Don Robinson, resident research director of the Texas A&M Center at Vernon, who will focus on the recently adopted Texas Small Grains Research and Extension Program Strategic Plan and the role of the small grains advisory committee.

The A&M System Agriculture Program restructured its efforts with small grains to improve efficiency throughout the program, concentrate people and resources in fewer locations, and minimize duplication.

The agenda will provide an arena for discussions in six major areas, including progress toward the group’s objectives: integration of conventional and biotechnological research to increase the knowledge base of small grains, primarily wheat, oats, barley and triticale.

The group will also address issues relevant to developing superior plant materials for domestic and international use; biotic and abiotic stresses of small grain crops; management practices and cropping systems that maximize the genetic potential of plants; land and water resource management; marketability of small grain commodities; and delivery systems of science-based information dealing with production and marketing issues.

The Texas Wheat Producers Board also will be meeting at the center on the same day, making it possible for members to visit with researchers as well.


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