Home lawn care with less water to be focus of April 23 San Antonio program

SAN ANTONIO – The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service for Bexar County will present the “Growing a Lawn and Saving Water” program from 6:30-8:30 p.m. April 23 as part of its Backyard Gardening series.

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will present the Backyard Gardener series program "Growing a Lawn and saving Water: on April 23 in Suite 208 the agency's office in San Antonio (Texas A&M AgriLife Research photo)

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will present the Backyard Gardener series program “Growing a Lawn and saving Water: on April 23 in Suite 208 the agency’s office at 3355 Cherry Ridge Drive in San Antonio (Texas A&M AgriLife Research photo by Kay Ledbetter)

The program will be held in Suite 208 of the agency’s office, located in the Conroy Square complex, 3355 Cherry Ridge Drive, San Antonio.

Program registration is $10 and is payable at the door. Attendees are requested to RSVP in advance to Angel Torres at 210-467-6575 or matorres@ag.tamu.edu.

“This is a particularly timely program as we’re in the critical phase for spring planting, plus there’s a lot of concern about both the short- and long-term availability of water for South Central Texas,” said David Rodriguez, AgriLife Extension agent for horticulture, Bexar County. “More specifically, unless there’s some significant rainfall in the near future, the San Antonio area may be looking at Stage 3 water restrictions.”

According to San Antonio Water System information, Stage 3 conservation measures would be implemented once the “10-day rolling average of the Edwards Aquifer level drops to 640 feet mean sea level” at the well monitored by the water system. More information on Stage 3 restrictions may be found at http://www.saws.org/conservation/droughtrestrictions/stagethree.cfm.

Rodriguez said water availability for commercial agricultural production, the green industry and home landscaping will be an ongoing challenge in this region and throughout the state.

Fortunately for homeowners, he said, steps can be taken to maintain a green lawn while  conserving water and reducing the environmental impact of chemicals used in lawn care and nutrition.

“This program will help people better understand lawn management and water conservation for the home landscape,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said Bexar County Master Gardeners water conservation coordinator Vince Vita will co-present with him at the program.

“Vince will discuss more water-efficient, lower-water-use irrigation methods such as drip irrigation, and give some basics on installing such a system in a home landscape,” he said. “He will also demonstrate how you can do a home irrigation audit to find out how much water is being used and how much is really needed to maintain the lawn and landscape.”


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