Huisache Demonstration Tour and Workshop slated Sept. 23 near Edna

EDNA –  Huisache. Whether one gives it the English pronunciation, (WEE-sach) or the Spanish version (wee-SAH-cheh), it’s not welcome on most South Texas ranches, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension expert. The problem is huisache is tough to get rid of — unless you know how.

The Huisache Demonstration and Tour will be held Sept. 23 near Edna. Huisache grows in this field

The Huisache Demonstration Tour and Workshop will be held Sept. 23 near Edna. Research-based information will be presented on removing huisache, an aggressive, invasive brush species, seen here growing on a South Texas ranch. (AgriLife Extension photo courtesy of Michael Hiller)

To help ranchers rid their properties of this undesirable brush species, AgriLife Extension will be hosting the Huisache Demonstration Tour and Workshop from 9 a.m.-noon Sept. 23 at the Kenneth Bradley Ranch on Farm-to-Market Road 1593, near the Interplast plant entrance.

“Huisache is a tree in the legume family,” said Michael Hiller, an AgriLife Extension agent for agriculture and natural resources in Jackson County. “It’s sometimes called sweet acacia and is common throughout the southern third of Texas. It’s a tough, thorny, aggressive invasive species that limits forage production and decreases the value of wildlife habitat.”

By controlling undesirable brush species such as huisache, owners often increase land value, the general aesthetics of the property and carrying capacity for livestock, Hiller said.

“A lack of herbicide knowledge and/or proper techniques for controlling different brush species often result in poor control,” he said. “This tour will address the issues of favorable conditions, techniques, strategies and herbicide knowledge for producers.”

Foliar-applied herbicides generally give effective control of brush species, though not at a level equal to soil-applied herbicides, he said.

“The season and plant stage at treatment are much more critical with foliar-applied herbicides as compared to soil-applied,” Hiller said.

At the demonstration and tour, growers will see for themselves the results of various treatments applied to multi-stem huisache resulting from numerous mowings.

“That’s what we targeted for this demonstration,” Hiller said. “Foliar herbicide applications of high-volume mixtures with water were used to measure the effectiveness of several different herbicides at varying rates.”

Seven chemical mixes were applied with a helicopter at a rate of 10 gallons per acre, he said. Six chemical mixes were applied with a ground rig at 15.5 gallons per acre. And 13 different chemical mixtures were applied by backpack sprayers on individual plants.

“We will tour, evaluate and explain each method with the results,” Hiller said. “This will be an interesting and informative tour presented by AgriLife Extension range specialist Dr. Megan Clayton, Corpus Christi.There will also be representatives from Dow Chemical on hand to discuss products.”

Attendance is free. The entrance to the Kenneth Bradley Ranch will be posted with a sign.

From State Highway 59 in Edna, head south on State Highway 111 for 9 miles. Turn right on Farm-to-Market Road 1593 and proceed approximately 13.3 miles. The location is about 4.5 miles south of Lolita on Farm-to-Market 1593, about one half mile past the entrance to the Interplast plant.

For more information, contact Hiller at 361-782-3312.


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