GRUB Farm receives $1,000 donation from Lubbock County Master Gardeners Association

Writer: Susan Himes, 325-657-7315,

Contact: Christina Reid, 806-775-1740,

 LUBBOCK- The Lubbock County Master Gardeners Association recently donated $1,000 to the South Plains Food Bank’s Growing Recruits for Urban Business Farm, also known as GRUB. The farm was burglarized in October, and the donation will assist with ongoing repairs and the cost of replacing stolen equipment.

Led by director Jenifer Smith, the South Plains Food Bank uses a 5.5-acre urban farm to teach life and job skills to underserved teens and young adults. The majority of the crops go to those in need, however, community members can buy Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, shares in the farm in exchange for part of the harvest.

“The Lubbock Master Gardeners are thankful for the South Plains Food Bank GRUB Farm and the tremendous service they provide,” said Kristin Bingham, Lubbock County Master Gardeners Association president.

Anne Polk, Jenifer Smith, Jean Anne Stratton, Kristin Bingham and Christina Reid.

Texas Master Gardeners is a volunteer program conducted by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Their mission is to grow horticultural information and provide outreach throughout the state.

The Lubbock County Master Gardeners Association and the AgriLife Extension office in Lubbock County strive to support local like-minded organizations that educate the community on gardening, soil health and water conservation, according to county horticulture agent Christina Reid.

“The dedication of Jenifer and her team is inspiring,” Bingham said. “Their mission to educate our community and support youth development is a goal we both share, and we are thrilled to support this work.”

The skills learned at GRUB include garden planning, soil preparation, maintaining irrigation systems, planting, harvesting and marketing. Youths volunteer on Saturday mornings during the school year and, thanks to CSA, approximately 20 paid internships are available during the summer for student workers. About 75,000 pounds of produce are grown each year.



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