AgriLife Extension event in Dallas to teach effective pest management at home

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Preventing Pests in Your Home is a free, limited-seating learning event that teaches best practices for maintaining a pest-free home. 

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service welcomes participants to choose from one of two sessions on Nov. 22: 10 a.m.– noon and 1 p.m.-3 p.m. in Dallas. Sessions will meet in the Water and Land Resources building on campus at the Texas A&M AgriLife Center at Dallas, 17360 Coit Road.

Participants will learn the best, safest and most environmentally friendly practices for keeping home-damaging pests like mice, termites, ants and cockroaches out.

“Yes, these pests are a nuisance when infestations occur,” said Janet Hurley, IPM specialist with AgriLife Extension in Dallas. “But they can also cause damage to your walls, floors and food while creating a mess.”

The hands-on sessions include demonstrations at the IPM Experience House, located on campus at the Dallas center. AgriLife Extension entomologists use the facility to train pest management professionals in the latest integrated pest management, or IPM, practices. It includes working models of several real-world spaces like a home bedroom, nursing home room, restaurant dining room, and residential and commercial kitchens.

“Come and learn how to keep these pests out,” Hurley said.

The deadline for registration is Nov. 15, and seats are limited to 50 participants per session. Register for the event by clicking here.  

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